Videck Stowage Planning Software

Stowage planning: the sky is the limit!

By Will van 't Hek

Only a few years ago, no one ever heard of an ‘XL monopile’. Nowadays, these steel giants weighting over 1.000mt are everywhere. In an industry where windmill turbines are getting heavier and ‘wind farms’ are being installed in deeper waters, the sky seems to be the limit.

“With our upcoming stowage planning software you are able to stow cargo in the hold of a vessel with an open-top condition.”

As cargoes will become larger and larger, shipping lines like Hartman Seatrade and Symphony Shipping anticipated on this trend and expanded their fleet by building vessels with an open top classification. Capable of sailing in all weather conditions without a maindeck hatch to transport large project cargoes without height restrictions, like an XL monopile.

The most important conditions for obtaining an open top classification is the requirement to carry out extensive model tests. For several reasons, including assessing the vessel’s behavior and capacity of the bilge pumps in rough weather conditions. But in particular the aspect of shipping green water. Therefore, the risk for Insurers and Cargo Underwriters significantly increases as cargoes stowed in open-top holds are exposed to all weather conditions, resulting in additional risk of water damage to the cargo.

Besides creating visual stowage plans with closed hatches, Videck® Lashing + Securing gives you the ability to stow cargo in the hold of a vessel with an open-top condition. The surface of the cargo above the coaming will automatically be calculated and the adjustable wind and sloshing factor for shear and tipping forces will automatically be taken into account.

The upcoming Videck Stowage planning software gives you access to a broad variety of further options. Besides a unique Microsoft Excel® packing list converter, that lets you create a visual stowage plan faster than ever before. It also boasts a coil/ pipe stacking tool to assist you whilst quickly calculating the maximum intake of your coil/ pipe shipment. To bring your stowage planning skills to a higher level, options like alignment, grouping and measuring will proof that the Videck Stowage planning software is for sure a very efficient tool in your daily workflow.

picture source: SIF-Group


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