Videck Stowage Planning Software

Stowage planning: the sky is the limit!

Only a few years ago, no one ever heard of an ‘XL monopile’. Nowadays, these steel giants weighting over 1.000mt are everywhere. In an industry where windmill turbines are getting heavier and ‘wind farms’ are being installed in deeper waters, the sky...

NEW: Monthly Subscriptions!

As of today the Lashing + Securing software is also available as a monthly subscription. The monthly subscription is a great way to start exploring the software, and with the ability to cancel your subscription at any time. You will have the same...

Getting started with Lashing + Securing

Get a quick insight in how the Lashing + Securing software works. Learn about the five basic steps and create precise and detailed voyage plans with our reliable certified technology.

After watching our “getting started” video you will be able to: