The All New

Prepare to raise the bar
Creating advanced, effective lifting plans will be much more easy, with the upcoming Videck® Lifting software.

If you are planning to lift cargo in a single crane modus by means of a vessel crane, floating crane or mobile harbor crane, you can rest assured that the engineer is lifting safely at all times. 

For the more challenging tandem lifting plans, the Videck - Lifting software will also be your most reliable tool in the project cargo- and heavy-lift industry.

With the unique snap function, you can easily connect material to each other, working more precise and faster than ever before.

Engineer your lift with the most common pre-defined lifting beams and spreaders. 
Upon request, user-defined lifting equipment can be designed by our Videck service team, or by yourself in the future. 

Lifting criteria
With Videck- Lifting, you can be sure your plan is based on the latest lifting criteria. 
Choose between numerous options like Dynamic Amplication Factor, Weight Contingency Factor or accuracy factor to make sure your lift will be based on the latest standards, making it a useful tool whether you are operable in the on-shore or off-shore industry.

Maintain an overview on your files
Upload relevant certificates of the equipment to the lifting plan and share your work easily with a project team, clients, or simply add the documentation to a Method Statement or Transport Manual to make sure everybody is updated at all times.

Compatibility with other Videck software applications
As all applications are created with the same user-friendly interface, Videck - Lifting is only one mouse-click away. In the Videck Portal, you have direct access to all the Videck software applications*

Videck - Lifting is compatible with the 2000+ Videck Lashing + Securing cargo imagesets which means that all tailored cargo images are also available in Videck - Lifting. 

Numerous How-To videos are accessible 24/7, which assist beginner users getting familiar with the software quickly, but also instruct advanced users how to engineer a more detailled lifting plan.
If personal assistance is preferred, our service team is available to assist you at all times.

* A valid subscription for each separate module is required.